Life / Career
Are any of these thoughts creating confusion in your mind?
Are you seeking Clarity & Direction for yourself?

Then Solution focussed Coaching by Quadrangle's Coach (Erickson International ACSTH Certified) can help you re-discover yourself

What is coaching ?

Coaching is a confidential partnership which allows you to have meaningful conversations about yourself through insightful questioning by a qualified Coach

Why is coaching important ?

It is one of the most powerful and scientific ways that enables you to grab hold of your life and take charge of success and happiness at your own terms for a better future.

How does it Work?

  • Confusion to
  • Each session -
    45 min to 1 hour
  • Transformation time
    3 to 6 months
  • Sessions required
    4 to 6

Since this is a solution focussed coaching, you can see the benefit of each session
adding up like missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle of your life.

Coaching will help you to...

  • Find clarity and a stronger sense of purpose
  • Get time for introspection which enables you to move forward
  • Develop more confidence, courage and self-acceptance
  • Find more balance and happiness
  • Live life to your full potential

How Coaching is different from
Mentoring, Counselling, and Training

  •   What we provide
  •   What we don't provide

How do I know that I am ready for coaching?

Whenever you feel you are committed to make a change in your life to steer it into a
better future, you are ready for coaching

Who will coach me?

Surabhi Bikhchandani
Life & Career Coach

Surabhi is a multifaceted professional with an experience of over 25 years, across Advertising, FMCG and Recruitment Consulting industries. She is leading the Executive Search practice at Quadrangle, focusing on CXO positions with organisations across consumer internet and service industries; with more recent experience in the non-profit sector as well. She is well networked and has successfully closed many leadership positions for her clients that include several start-ups. She believes in detailed assessments of candidates to get the right organisation culture fit. Surabhi began her career in media planning with Ulka Advertising Pvt. Ltd. in 1986 and then moved on to Nestle India Ltd. where she handled diverse responsibilities in marketing, brand management, sales, distribution, merchandising, advertising & market research. She has, in the past, trained management students in Communication Skills and has conducted courses on Written Analysis & Communication, Oral Communication Skills, Group Discussions & Interviews as a visiting Faculty at IMT Ghaziabad and IMS Mumbai. She has also co-authored a book for MBA and job aspirants called 'Tackling Group Discussions'. Surabhi is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad (1987-89) and an Economics graduate from St. Stephen's College, Delhi (1986).

Surabhi is an Erickson certified Life and Career Coach (Nov 2018). Her ICF accredited training through Erickson International ( has provided her with a solution focused approach to coaching. She believes in supporting her clients explore various perspectives and eventually find their own solutions to the different challenges they face in life. Her mission is to make them experience a positive transformational journey.

Fee Per Session

4000/- (inclusive of taxes) *

*Fee/Session being revised from 1st July, 2018
Cheque Payable to "Quadrangle (A div of Info Edge India Ltd.)"
You have an option to pay for each session as and when it is scheduled or book 3 to 6 sessions in advance.

What if I do not find value for myself in the 1st session?

At the end of your 1st session, you will get a fair sense of what a coaching session is. If you feel that you did not get any value from the session, you are free to exit further coaching sessions without any monetary obligation.

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