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Fun @ Work
  • Young organization, bubbling with energy
  • Immense growth opportunities
  • Excellent retention
  • Instant recognition for remarkable performance
  • Open environment – accessibility to seniors
  • Excellent Reward and recognition program to recognize individual and team performance
  • Team members encouraged to attend trainings and upgrade their knowledge/skills
  • An environment which facilitates team bonding through outings and re-creation
  • All doors open policy, equal opportunity employer
  • Transparent incentive framework

The whole experience of working at Quadrangle is centered around having a great time while striving for excellence.

If you are interested in joining our vibrant team, please write to us

Employee Testimonials

Harmeet Bedi,
"I have gained skills and experience that I never imagined."

Namrata Jha Misra,
"Quadrangle is an ideal place where you can be enriched with lots of new learning's & ideas"

Richa Gupta,
"The best part is that my efforts are being recognized, a motivation for anyone to perform"

Shipra Bansal,
"Quadrangle not only Provide Development to its employees, but shows appreciation towards them as well. It's a paradigm of standard as well as good work ethics.. This work environment motivates everyone to give 100% each and every day"

Sheeba Prakash,
"Quadrangle provides an autonomous work environment, intellectually challenging assignments, work/life balance, and a friendly management which gives equal importance to everybody's concerns It's an honor that I am still associated with Quadrangle as an External Consultant after having spent 4years as an employee"

Disha Bhasin,
"Quadrangle is a wonderful place to work, you are valued here as a professional and cared for as family. A great place to learn and grow."

Praveen Ritolia,
"Career growth that is available within quadrangle for people who are dedicated to work brings in lot of excitement at work and has always kept me motivated. All in all a great place to work"

Jyoti Malhotra,
"Quadrangle is a wonderful place to learn and grow. It's close to 5 years that I have been associated with Quadrangle and it feels like my first home where I spend most of my time full of fun & new learnings"

C. S. Trupti
"Quadrangle has helped me gain in-depth experience in the industry chosen & is a place which importantly rewards talent and achievement; which is quite motivating."

Smita Das
"It has been 11 years at Quadrangle and a great experience having developed myself both personally and professionally. We are taught to think positive, and I am very thankful for the support that has always been extended. When I had joined this company, it was growing and I have seen tremendous growth with it. Proud to be a part of Team Quadrangle!"

Ruchi Bajpai
"Quadrangle has given me the right environment to thrive and grow while developing the business and taking decisions with minimal interference. If you are on the right track the management is most supportive. For people with intrapreneurial bent of mind this is the place to be."

Vikas Keswani
"Quadrangle has been a perfect platform for me into the exciting world of recruitments. It's a very transparent organisation with a lot of focus on employee development. It is unique to be a part of a company which in spite of being the best in the market can also give a good work-life balance to their employees. It is close to a decade that I have been associated with Quadrangle and the journey has been full of learning, growth and fun."